How to run Fortify Static Code Analyzer for .Net Code

Fortify is a set of software security analyzers that search for violations of security specific coding rules and guidelines in a variety of languages. It finds the security issues early in the development cycle. Below are the steps to run

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Add TDE encrypted database to an Availability Group

You will see below error when you try to add database to availability group if database is TDE encrypted.  This is also an issue when you restore TDE enabled database and then you try to add it back to availability group.

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How windows authentication works with IIS (Http.sys, Kerberos, NTLM)?

IIS sits on top of HTTP.sys, which is the kernel mode driver in the Windows network stack that receives HTTP requests. IIS picks up requests from http.sys, processes them, and calls http.sys to send the response. IIS introduced Kernel Mode

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WhiteSource integration with TeamCity

WhiteSource is a tool which automatically detects all open source components in your code and also alerts if any of those components has security vulnerabilities.  This tool can be used to enforce your team complies with your organization open source software policies. 

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Invoke-Command with -UseSSL

PowerShell Remoting uses Windows Remote Management (WinRM), which is the Microsoft implementation of the Web Services for Management (WS-Management) protocol, to allow users to run PowerShell commands on remote computers.   To run a command on one or more computers, use

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Useful PowerShell Commands

Below is the list of PowerShell commands that you will find very useful if you are using PowerShell scripting to automate various tasks and if you are in DevOps. Get the registry property values using PowerShell script, for example below

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How to grant permission to domain account to manage windows service

Domain account would need  some special permission to interact with windows service if web application is setup to run under domain or service account and web application needs to interact with windows service.  We usually give administrative rights to domain

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Useful queries when troubleshooting performance issues in SQL Server

Here are the some of the queries which are very useful when troubleshooting performance issues in SQL Server. This query will return actual execution plan of a given stored procedure. select o.object_id, s.plan_handle, h.query_planfrom sys.objects oinner join sys.dm_exec_procedure_stats s on

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HttpCompileException error when browsing web application

If you setup a new web application on new application server, you may encounter following error when you browse your web application.  If you look at the error message, it says that it could not write to output

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Free tools to compare .net assemblies

There are various tools available to compare .net assemblies.  Most of them are paid version or requires lot of efforts to find code level differences between two assemblies or DLLs.  If you want to find out what has changed between

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