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Nested Stored Procedure Calls with SQL Server Transactions

I found good article about how to manage SQL Server transaction in nested stored procedure call . here is the link

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Check whether image exists on remote URL

Sometimes there is a situation where you need to display some default image if remote image URL does not exist. We have an application that shows up songs information from apple site and sometimes there is a missing artwork image.

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File upload control in UpdatePanel

I was running into an issue when I put File Upload control in Update Panel to use nice feature of AJAX. When It was doing postback everytime I was getting PostedFile property of FileUpload control to NULL. I was wondering

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WebsiteSpark Program

Microsoft just launched WebsiteSpark Program. If you are an independant developer or small company having 10 or less employees, you can download following software from microsoft. 3 licenses of Visual Studio 2008 Professional Edition 1 license of Expression Studio 3

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Run JavaScript when Ajax modal popup opens

Let’s say if you want to run some JavaScript method right after Ajax modal popup opens, we probably think injecting JavaScript method into page like this. if (!Page.IsStartupScriptRegistered(“PickerInit”)) Page.RegisterStartupScript(“pickerInit”,javascriptString); The JavaScript we inject using above method will be called on

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How to debug windows service

If you are wondering how to debug windows service application, this article is for you.  Since windows service application is running within the context of Services Control Manager rather than from Visual Studio, It’s not a straightforward to debug windows

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Important things to know when you store a Session State in SQL Server

Keep following things in mind when you store a session state in SQL Server. 1. Every object which you store in session should be serializable. 2. Try to avoid adding null object in session. It will fail while deserializing that object. 3. If

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Automate Deployment Process

I have been deploying TFS build to our Dev and QA Test environment since one month. I was tired doing copy paste and installing that same damn DLLs into GAC every day. I was searching for good automated deployment script.

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Custom Resource Provider and resource object with key was not found compiler errors

I was using custom resource provider for my globalization project. We had separate class library project for our custom resource provider and we were putting all the resource files (.resx) under that project. Off course when we build that project,

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Securing Your ASP.NET Application and Web Services

I found one good article from MSDN about securing application and web services. link to go:

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