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How to grant permission to domain account to manage windows service

Domain account would need  some special permission to interact with windows service if web application is setup to run under domain or service account and web application needs to interact with windows service.  We usually give administrative rights to domain

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Useful queries when troubleshooting performance issues in SQL Server

Here are the some of the queries which are very useful when troubleshooting performance issues in SQL Server. This query will return actual execution plan of a given stored procedure. select o.object_id, s.plan_handle, h.query_planfrom sys.objects oinner join sys.dm_exec_procedure_stats s on

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HttpCompileException error when browsing web application

If you setup a new web application on new application server, you may encounter following error when you browse your web application.  If you look at the error message, it says that it could not write to output

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Free tools to compare .net assemblies

There are various tools available to compare .net assemblies.  Most of them are paid version or requires lot of efforts to find code level differences between two assemblies or DLLs.  If you want to find out what has changed between

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