difference between http get and http post

Here is my earlier post link that explains difference between HTTP GET and HTTP POST method and also explains when you should use HTTP GET and HTTP POST methods.


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  1. Rajkumar says:


    1.Get method uses the name value pair and submitted thro’ query.
    2. It has string length restriction in the older browser.
    3. It is the default method.
    4. If the page is refreshed it wont prompt.
    5. If the response of the page is always same, then go for this.
    6. There are some complications of using characters like “&”, string length, etc.
    7. We may use this for adding the URL as a bookmark.
    8.Data is submitted always in the form of text.
    Post Method
    1. All the name value pair are submitted in the Message body of the text.
    2.Length is not restricted.
    3. If page is refreshed it will prompt.
    4. It is secured because name value pair is not visible in URL.

  2. Shailesh says:

    Thanks Rajkumar for your input.