Red “X” on TFS Documents and Reports

There are two different permission needs to be set to be able to access “Documents” and “Reports”.  Documents are hosted on sharepoint site so you need to give user permission to sharepoint site and “Reports” is sql server reports so you need to assign user to sql server reports permission. You need to have administrator permission to give other people permission.

Follow this steps to give “Documents” folder permission.
  • Right click on project (e.g TestProject here) and click on “Show Project Portal”
  • Click on “Site Actions” (Top Right hand side) and choose “Site Settings”
  • Click on “People and groups” under Users and Permissions section
  • Choose “Add Users” from New
  • Specify active directory user name (or user you need to give permission) and select appropriate user permission and click on.
  • Now refresh the project you should be able to browse documents.
Follow this steps to give “Reports” permission.
  • Right click on “Reports” under project that you need to assign permission to and click on “Show Report Site”
  • Go to “Folder Settings” and click on Security tab.
  • Click on “New Role Assignment” and enter username and assign appropriate permission.
  • Now refresh the project you should be able to browse reports.
Hope this helps.
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