Join Video files(mpg, flv) using DOS command

I have downloaded couples flv files and I wanted to join those files so that I can watch video file by just opening one video file.  I was looking for freeware software I can use to join mpg or flv video files.   I found DOS command to join video files that works well in windows operating system very well.

Here is the steps

1) Go to Start -> Run

2) Type cmd and press enter.  It will open up DOS command window.

3) Type this command

COPY /b “C:shaileshfile1.flv”  + “C:Shaileshfile2.flv” “C:NewFile.flv”

Note: Specify full file path.

Hit enter, it will create a new video file (in this case NewFile.flv).

Updated On Oct 27 2010:  I found couple more trick to join video files using DOS command.   Here is the link.

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