New stuff in .NET Framework 3.5

I searched over the internet and got some cool new features which would be comming with .net framework 3.5 release.

1. System.Data.Linq.dll – The implementation for LINQ to SQL.

2. System.Xml.Linq.dll – The implementation for LINQ to XML.

3. System.AddIn.dll, System.AddIn.Contract.dll – New AddIn (plug-in) model.

4. System.Net.dll – Peer to Peer APIs.

5. System.DirectoryServices.AccountManagement.dll – Wrapper for Active Directory APIs.

6. System.Management.Instrumentation.dll – WMI 2.0 managed provider (combined with System.Management namespace in System.Core.dll).

7. System.WorkflowServices.dll and System.ServiceModel.Web.dll – WF and WCF enhancements (for more on WF + WCF in v3.5 follow links from here).

8. System.Web.Extensions.dll – The implementation for ASP.NET AJAX (for more web enhancements, follow links from here) plus also the implementation of Client Application Services.

9. System.Core.dll – In addition to the LINQ to Objects implementation, this assembly includes the following: HashSetTimeZoneInfoPipesReaderWriteLockSlim,System.Security.*System.Diagnostics.Eventing.* andSystem.Diagnostics.PerformanceData.

In addition we are adding System.Web.Extensions.dll with the LinqDataSourceAsp.NET Ajax support and asp:ListView

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