Howto: Pass own argument as a custom attribute to a specified control from code behind

I learn something new today that I want to share with you.  How can you pass your own argument to any JavaScript Element object from code behind that you can access it like property of that object from JavaScript? For

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Howto: Fire an ASP.NET Validator from JavaScript

Let’s take an example of my previous post and make it little bit user friendly.  Here is the demo page link to see in live action. In the example(#1. Without ValidatorEnable), Custom validator fires and shows a validation message only

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ASP.NET Custom Validator Validation not firing

I have been using ASP.NET CustomValidator when I want to validate field based on values of other fields. For example, User must provide other contact info if selected.  For this let says we have other contact info check box and

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Can’t drag and drop Song/Video file in iTunes

Usually I just drag and drop music(mp3) files into itune when want to add  music file into my iPhone 4.  But suddenly I can not drag and drop songs in iTunes after updating iTune software to version 10.1.  The only

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Howto: Set page focus to message after Ajax update

There are so many good things about AJAX but we need to tweak it some times to make it even user experience. Let me explain my situation first.  I have a datagrid that has a edit button tied to each

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File upload control fails first time, then works on subsequent submits

As everybody knows that FileUpload control doesn’t work inside update panel, there are some work around and in fact I have posted post about that as well.   Here is my post link just in case you got here and

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Join Video files(mpg, flv) using DOS command

I have downloaded couples flv files and I wanted to join those files so that I can watch video file by just opening one video file.  I was looking for freeware software I can use to join mpg or flv

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ASP.NET color converter tool

Wants to convert HEX to RGB or RGB to HEX in C# ASP.NET application? I have created Color Converter ASP.NET application.  You can convert HEX color code values to RGB Color.  It’s free tool.  I have also included source code

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why does Modalpopup close on postback?

ads: Watch Indian TV Serials Online I thought modalpopup control is very easy to use but it’s not.  It took me whole day to figure it out why ModalPopup Extender closes down during page postback. You should have to keep

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Response.Redirect() throws an error when called inside Update Panel

When I tried to call Response.Redirect() inside a UpdatePanel, it was throwing me an AJAX error. Sys.WebForms.PageRequestManagerParserErrorException: The message received from the server could not be parsed. Common causes for this error are when the response is modified by calls

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