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Howto: Set page focus to message after Ajax update

There are so many good things about AJAX but we need to tweak it some times to make it even user experience. Let me explain my situation first.  I have a datagrid that has a edit button tied to each

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ModalPopupExtender without TargetControlID

You need to specify Control ID (clicking on this control trigger to open modal popup) to TargetControlID property of ModalPopupExtender control and TargetControlID is required property.  If you don’t set value to TargetControlID property or you set empty value, you

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Two different version of ajaxtoolkit dll in same web application

Have you ever get one of the following error? Error#1: The server tag ‘ajaxControlToolkit:ControlX‘ is ambiguous. Please modify the associated registration that is causing ambiguity and pick a new tag prefix. Error #2: ‘ControlX‘ is ambiguous in the namespace ‘AjaxControlToolkit’.

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